Mitsubishi Mirage

Were these the worst cars ever to besmirch Britain's roads?

So what's good about it?

The sixth generation of the Mitsubishi Mirage was launched in 2012 in an attempt to produce a low cost, fuel-efficient small car. To achieve this the main priorities for the designers were to reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve the aerodynamics in order to reduce drag. The vehicle's green credentials are impressive. New features developed during the design process have resulted in a car with a low drag coefficient that beats all its rivals.

It's Fuel Efficient Too

The body of the Mirage is made from high tensile steel and comes with a three-cylinder 72-horsepower 1.2 litre engine. With a front-wheel drive it manages a respectable 44 miles per gallon on the open road and 37 on city roads. It is available as either a four-door saloon or five-door hatchback and with a choice of a five-speed manual drive or an automatic.

HOWEVER: It's Under-Powered

Despite the considerable achievements of the design team the Mirage has attracted much criticism and is regarded as one of the worst cars currently available in the United Kingdom. The low-powered engine is a major reason for this negative view. The problem with the engine is highlighted by the Mirage's acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour in a snail-like 11.7 seconds.

It Lacks Features

Many additional features that are seen in most low-cost vehicles these days have been omitted from the Mirage. This is not only the case with the standard model which might be expected but even from the full-spec, more expensive version, the Mirage CR. The lack of cruise-control for example is a massive drawback. Basic items such as a steering wheel lock are missing as are map lights and rear-dome lights. There isn't even a centre console or touch-screen display which have come to be expected in almost all of the more affordable production cars in recent years. The Mirage CR does however boast a leather steering wheel, a cup holder and alloy wheels.

It Suffers From Poor Construction

The Mirage's performance is disappointing to say the least, the small size of the excessively noisy engine being the biggest factor in that. The outward appearance of the vehicle isn't too bad but it lacks style and the small wheels don't do it any favours. In many respects it's a badly made car and uses poor quality materials and has very few extras available. As with all low priced, high efficiency cars the Mirage is a compromise between power, styling and features on the one hand and environmental impact, fuel-consumption and cost on the other.

It Has Little to Offer

Like some other small cars the Mirage is uncomfortable and can feel unsafe to drive on busy roads. There are some positives about the vehicle however. It is very fuel-efficient and compares well with hybrids when it comes to energy-saving. As a small, relatively inexpensive car it can be an ideal choice for city commuters but for anyone wanting extra power, more features or a car that turns heads the Mirage is always going to disappoint.

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